South Pacific Pricing

New Zealand

All packages include: lodging, guide fee, trophy fees, helicopter fees for tahr & chamois and flight to South Island for tahr & chamois. (-) indicates number of nights lodging.

Hunt Type Hunt Description Hunt Price
Red Stag Pkg. (4) Silver Medal SCI 300-325 $4,500USD
High Silver Medal SCI 325-350 $6,000USD
Gold Medal SCI 350-370 $7,500USD
High Gold Medal SCI 370-385 $10,500USD
High Gold Medal SCI 385-400 $12,500USD
Super Gold SCI 400-420 (Starting at $15,000) $15,000USD
Super Gold SCI 420+ P.O.R
5 Species Pkg. (6) SCI Silver Medal Stag, SCI Silver Medal Fallow Deer, Sika Deer (Up to SCI 140), Ram, Goat $13,000USD
Stag Upgrade to High Silver Medal (SCI 325-350) $14,500USD
Stag Upgrade to Gold Medal (SCI 350-370) $16,000USD
Stag Upgrade to High Gold Medal (SCI 370-385) $19,000USD
The Classic Pkg. (7) Classic New Zealand Trio: Red Stag, Tahr & Chamois
Silver Medal Stag (SCI 300-325) $12,500USD
High Silver Medal Stag (SCI 325-350) $14,000USD
Gold Medal Stag (SCI 350-370) $15,500USD
High Gold Medal Stag (SCI 370-385) $18,500USD
High Gold Medal Stag (SCI 385-400) $20,500USD
Super Gold Medal Stag (SCI 400-420) (Starting from) $23,000USD
Super Gold Medal Stag (SCI 420+) P.O.R.
Free Range Hunts
Tahr & Chamois (3) Tahr & Chamois foot hunt. Heli fly into two camps for total of up to seven days. Hunt over day after trophies taken. $9,500USD
Red Stag (4) Maximum 4 Day Red Stag up to four days. Must be in sheep shape! Please DO NOT have any expectations of shooting a gold medal stag. $4,500USD
Additional species can be added to all of the above hunts, except the free range hunts, on a trophy fee basis provided the allotted number of nights is not exceeded.
Sika Deer Starting at $3,500USD
Wapiti (Elk) Starting at $4,500USD
Fallow Deer Starting at $2,500USD
Sambar Deer $8,500USD
Rusa Deer $6,000USD
Goat $750USD
Wapiti (Elk) $750USD
Wild Boar $1,750USD


All packages include round-trip land transfers between airport and hunting camp, meals and accommodations, and field prep of trophies. All hunts are fully guided. (-) indicates number of hunting days.

Hunt Type Hunt Description Hunt Price
Queensland & Victoria
Red Stag (5) 1X1 $7,000USD
2X1 $6,500USD
Chital [Axis Deer] (5) 1X1 $5,250USD
2X1 $4,700USD
Fallow Deer (5) 1X1 $6,300USD
2X1 $5,800USD
Javan Rusa Deer (5) 1X1 $6,500USD
2X1 $6,000USD
Moluccan Rusa Deer (5) 1X1 $6,500USD
2X1 $6,000USD
Sambar Deer (3) 1X1 $8,000USD
Hog Deer (3) 1X1 $7,000USD
Sambar & Hog Deer Combination (3) 1X1 $13,850USD
Trophy fees on additional animals added to above hunts:
Red Stag $4,500USD
Fallow Deer $4,000USD
Chital $3,800USD
Either Rusa Deer $4,000USD
Goats $600USD
Feral Ram $1,500USD
Wild Boar $200USD
Turkey $250USD
Northern Territory Asian Water Buffalo
1X1 (6) SCI Gold Medal Bull $9,500USD
SCI Silver Medal Bull $9,000USD
2X1 (10) SCI Gold Medal Bull $9,000USD
SCI Silver Medal Bull $8,500USD
3-4×1 (10) SCI Gold Medal Bull $8,750USD
SCI Silver Medal Bull $8,200USD
Trophy fees on additional animals added to the buffalo hunts
Banteng $9,000USD
Wild Boar $700USD
Extra days – Per person per day $700USD

We have many more hunts than those you see listed here. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with any requests you may have.

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