Africa Pricing

Location Hunt Description Hunt Price
Burkina Faso – Pama South 8-day Savannah Buffalo €10,000
12-day Lion/Savannah Buffalo €15,000
Benin – Porga/Pendjari Park 13-day Savannah Buffalo $24,000USD
20-day Lion/SavannahBuffalo $36,000USD
Cameroon 13-day Bongo/Sitatunga $40,000USD
20-day Bongo/Sitatunga $55,000USD
Central African Republic (C.A.R.) 7-day Forest Buffalo/Bushbuck/Duiker $16,000USD
13-day Lord Derby Eland or Bongo $39,000USD
20-day Lord Derby Eland/Bongo $48,000USD
27-day Lord Derby Eland/Bongo/Lion $58,000USD
Mozambique Niassa Reserve 21-day Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Plains Game $2,250USD per day
18-day Buffalo, Leopard, Sable, Plains Game $1,250USD per day
14-day Leopard, Sable, Plains Game $850USD per day
10-day Buffalo, Plains Game $950USD per day
Mozambique Zambezi Delta 12-day Buffalo, Sable, Hippo, Croc, Plains Game $1,400USD per day
10-day Buffalo, Nyala, Hippo, Croc, Plains Game $1,400USD per day
7-day Buffalo $1,100USD per day
Namibia Plains Game $395USD per day
Leopard or Cheetah $500USD per day
Low Trophy Fees!
Zimbabwe-Gonarezhou Park 21-day Elephant/Buffalo/Leopard/Nyala $1100USD per day
12 to 15-day Elephant/Plains Game $1100USD per day
14-day Buffalo/Leopard $950USD per day
10-day Buffalo/Plains Game $850USD per day
10-day Nyala/Plains Game $800USD per day
Zimbabwe-Save Conservancy 15-day Elephant/Buffalo/Plains Game $1,400USD per day
15-day Buffalo/Leopard/Plains Game $1,250USD per day
14-day Buffalo/Sable/Plains Game $950USD per day
10-day Leopard with Hounds $1,300USD per day
South Africa
Limpopo – Rifle Hunts Minimum 7-days 1×1 Plains Game $450USD per day
Minimum 7-days, 1X1 Dangerous Game, All big 5 and over 50 other species $550USD per day
Limpopo – Bow Hunting This has been a bow hunting only area since 1986! 5-full hunting days, 4 animals: Gemsbok, Impala, Blesbuck, Warthog $4,990USD
Limpopo Very unique – a tented camp in South Africa for only. Reasonable trophy fees! $195USD per day

We have many more hunts than those you see listed here. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with any requests you may have.

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