Africa Pricing 2017


Hunt Type Hunt Description Hunt Price
Cameroon/ Rainforest 15-day free-range hunt for Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, Bush Pig, Six Duiker Species – Peter’s, Gabon, Blue, Ogilby’s, Bay and Black-fronted, Bates Pygmy Antelope.
Cameroon/ Savannah 15-day free-range hunt for Central African Giant (Lord Derby) Eland, West African Savannah Buffalo, Western Roan, Harnessed Bushbuck, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Western Hartebeest, Bohor Reedbuck, Western Kob, Western Duiker, Red-flanked Duiker, Oribi
Mozambique Free-range hunts in Nine concessions! Hunts are available for the Big 4, 24 species of plains game and duikers. 7-day safaris start at $600 USD per day. starts at $600 USD per day

Free-range hunts in Seven concession areas. This outfitter offers 13 all-inclusive packages from 7-10 days and $4200-$15,000 USD.

These 14-day leopard hunts are highly successful – $23,500USD.

from $4200- $15,000 USD

start at  $23,000 USD

Zimbabwe Hunts take place in the 850,000 acre Bubye Valley Conservancy. Depending on species hunted, there are eight separate camps. There are 33 huntable species here and the – strictly protected – largest black rhino herd in Africa. 10-day plains game hunts start at $700 USD per day. start at $700 USD per day

South Africa

Kalahari region Kalahari region. This long-time outfitter offers several exceptionally-valued plains game package hunts as well as dangerous game hunts.
East Cape and Swaziland regions East Cape and Swaziland regions: Four HUGE free-range concessions with 33 plainsgame species!
Tanzania These Masailand and Western Tanzania regions offer the classic East African Safari! Big 4, 40+ species of plains game and duikers equate to many days/species safari combinations.
Zambia Luangwa Valley and Lundu/West Musalanga areas. The 9-day buffalo and plains game hunt is $16,950 USD. Many other combination hunts including elephant, lion and leopard are available. starts at $16,950 USD

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