Hunting the South Pacific

The South Pacific hunting area is comprised mainly of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea. Virtually all of the big game species in this area are non-native and have been imported into their various locations.

The major big game species in Australia are water buffalo, banteng, red deer, sambar, Javan and Moluccan rusa deer, axis (chital) deer, hog deer and European fallow deer. There are also feral boar and goats as well as scrub bulls that are basically wild cattle. The Asiatic water buffalo here have the largest horns of their species and average bigger in body size than a Cape buffalo from Africa.

New Zealand is justifiably famous for its big three: red deer, chamois and tahr. The European chamois and Himalayan tahr that now call the alps of New Zealand’s south island their home can offer an extremely challenging hunt. It can be argued that New Zealand’s red stags are the largest in the world. There are also wapiti imported from North America, Sika deer, sambar, both species of rusa, European fallow deer and Arapawa sheep; feral goats and boars are also present.

Javan and Moluccan rusa deer are located in New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea respectively.

Turkeys, yes, American turkeys, geese, yes, Canada honkers, pheasants, yes, Chinese ring-neck pheasants and ducks are all available for wingshooting in New Zealand.

Many of the species can be combined on a single hunt in either Australia or New Zealand.  Oftentimes, both countries are hunted on a single trip.

Remember that the southern hemisphere seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere seasons. These countries all offer great opportunities to hunt during what would be off-season for most North Americans. This is an excellent time to take ones spouse on a hunting trip as the accommodations, meals and travel are all first rate and there are a multitude of day-trip tours that can be organized.

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