Hunting South America

While there are many countries in South America, the hunting is mainly done in only one: Argentina. Yes, there are some limited bird hunting opportunities in a few countries and there are a couple of fledgling big game operations in Chile, but for the most part Argentina is the #1 destination for hunters.

If you are a wingshooter, Argentina is heaven! Cordoba Province is world renowned as the dove capitol of the world. There are several varieties of doves, the most prominent being the eared dove which is very similar to the mourning dove of North America. There are millions upon millions of them and they are considered a pest (“rats with wings” being a favorite term for them) by the agricultural industry. They are hunted between their roosting, watering and feed areas and there is no limit to how many you can take and they can be hunted year round. The best goose hunting is down in the southern part of the country in Patagonia. There are five varieties of geese, liberal limits and the season usually starts around the end of May/first of June. There are 15 huntable duck species and they are found in a much broader area than the geese. They too enjoy liberal limits and have the same season as the geese. A day of pigeon shooting is often combined with dove hunting, as is hunting for perdiz, the local partridge.

Big game hunting offers many species, among the imported animals are: red deer, water buffalo, blackbuck, Pere David deer, axis deer, fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, alpine ibex, feral boar and feral sheep. Among the native big game species are: puma, marsh deer, red and gray-brown brocket deer, collared and white-lipped peccaries and the world’s largest rodent, the capybara. Argentina enacted a law about two years ago prohibiting the export of any of their legally hunted native animals. That law is still in effect and while a hunter could legally hunt any of them, they cannot be exported to the hunter’s native country.

Argentina offers the perfect opportunity to combine a hunting trip and a full-blown vacation as there are endless opportunities for sightseeing, exploring the countryside, etc. As a southern hemisphere continent, its seasons are the opposite of North America and provide an excellent hunting opportunity during North America’s “off” season.

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