Hunting in North America

The hunting in North America is as diverse in species, climate and geography as anywhere in the world. From the frozen arctic to the jungles of Mexico and Belize (which is just opening up for hunting!) there is a fantastic variety of birds and mammals for both local and international hunters.

The stark beauty of the arctic offers some of the most challenging big game hunting on earth: polar bear, musk ox, arctic island caribou and barren ground grizzly. Moving further south into timbered areas you’ll encounter brown bear, mountain goat, several other caribou species, moose, black bear and wild sheep. Next will be the many varieties of deer and elk along with their chief predator, the cougar. The western prairies hold pronghorn antelope, mule & white-tailed deer along with several varmint species. In the far southeast will be alligators and in the southwest will be desert bighorn sheep and several desert deer species. Texas holds a phenomenal amount of exotic animals in its many game ranches that also have superb white-tailed deer hunting. Further into Mexico you’ll start to encounter the tropical mammals such as white-lipped peccary, tropical white-tailed deer and the brocket deer.

There is an extremely wide variety of bird hunting here. Only in North America can you find all six of the turkey subspecies: eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s, Osceola, Gould’s and oscellated. There are pure white partridge in the arctic and the crested guan and curassow in Campeche. There is waterfowl hunting from the edge of the arctic all the way to the lagoons of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Upland bird hunting includes doves, quail, grouse and pheasant.

The wide variety of game and climates supports hunting on a virtual year-round basis – there’s always some place to go and something to hunt! Needless to say, the infrastructure makes travel, lodging, meals and sight seeing very easy.

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