Hunting in Europe

Hunting has occurred for millenniums in Europe. However, where it was once the sport of royalty it is now enjoyed by people from around the world. Hunting can range from rugged alpine hunts to the rolling hills of cork forests. The climate during hunting seasons compares favorably with that of North America in the fall and is usually fairly mild.

Some of the countries where we offer hunts are: Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. There is a wide variety of deer species available to hunt for the visiting sportsman, including: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, muntjac and Chinese water deer. There are six types of ibex: Gredos, Beceite, Southeastern, Ronda, Kri-Kri and alpine. Also found in the mountains will be five varieties of chamois: alpine, Cantabrian, Balkan, Carpathian and Pyrenean. Wild boar can be found in many countries, as well as Mouflon sheep. The European brown bear compares favorably with the grizzly of North America and is hunted in Romania and Croatia.

It goes without saying that the infrastructure in Europe affords rapid travel, excellent accommodations and superb meals. The distances aren’t great, the people are fantastic and, while not the primary language, English is spoken in most countries. The sightseeing opportunities are endless and this makes it a superb choice for combining a hunting trip and a vacation.

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