Hunting in Asia/ Eastern Europe

East to west, north to south, Asia is huge! This gigantic land mass contains the highest mountains on earth, true jungles, the Arctic Ocean and the deserts of the Gobi. It is fascinating from a cultural viewpoint to compare the virtual European cultures of western Asia with the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures of the Far East.

The continent offers a variety of huntable species as large as it is. The various bears roam almost the entire width of the continent. There are several varieties of gazelles. There are four sub-species of moose, three of roe deer and four wapiti. However, the thing that attracts most hunters to Asia is the mountain animals – sheep, ibex and markhor. Nowhere on earth will the variety and types of them vary more than in Asia. Considered by many hunters to be among the greatest trophies in the world, the Marco Polo, Altai Argali and Hume Argali sheep are all huntable today and importable into virtually every country. The markhor are very highly sought after and the flare-horned species are now importable into the US. Some of the mountain hunts take place at high altitude and the hunter’s physical condition should always be a consideration when hunting that high. Another factor that usually always accompanies the altitude is the extreme cold. If the hunter is prepared to undergo some discomfort the rewards can be great on these types of hunts.

Asia is different: customs, cultures, religions, travel and temperatures can all vary greatly. However, the hunting can be some of the absolute best in the world.

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