Hunting in Africa

There is probably not a hunter in the world who hasn’t dreamed of one day hunting in Africa. It truly is a magical place: the birthplace of safari, home to the widest variety of huntable species on earth and containing an unbelievable combination of climates, cultures, geography and people.

The hunting chiefly occurs in the sub-Saharan portion of the continent. It can vary from the hot thorn bush of Burkina Faso in the west to the East Cape of South Africa where it’s been known to snow in winter. It can range from the cold, high altitudes of the mountains in Ethiopia to the sand dune deserts of Namibia. In between there will be the high canopy jungles of the Central African Republic, the Okavango delta of Botswana, the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and, to use a well known English phrase, the “miles and miles of bloody Africa.” The “Big Five” of elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard are found here. There are 25 types of the much-coveted spiral horned antelopes. There are also 35 varieties of pygmy antelope, dik-dik and duikers; 22 types of gazelles; a dozen wildebeest and hartebeest. There are also, sable, roan, hippo crocodile, oryx, waterbuck, lechwe, pigs and reedbucks. And many of them will be in numbers that newcomers to Africa just can’t fathom. Over 100 years ago “the old-timers” said that Africa was through, that the game was all shot out – 100 years later nothing could be further from the truth. Africa’s game populations are in good shape and some species are increasing at a very rapid rate.

The safari business is quite competitive and this has led to almost all of the hunting operators offering the very finest in accommodations and meals. The personal attention to the hunter’s well-being and satisfaction has to be seen to be believed.

One of the most telling things about Africa is that you’ll be planning your second safari before you’ve completed your first! It’s that kind of place and one every serious hunter should consider hunting.

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