Client Stories

Serval CatWe regard every client’s hunt as their own unique adventure and not some overly structured affair that has no flexibility in meeting their requirements. Maintaining a broad spectrum approach enables us to meet highly specific needs.

One such hunt we custom-designed was for a frequent client, Dennis Anderson – a past-president of Safari Club International, who sought several species from southern Africa. We decided his best option would be a safari in South Africa because we know the species and the availability there. The hunt would encompass three different areas – the Limpopo, Zululand and the Eastern Cape, involve driving as well as in-country flights and take 16 days for the 14 animals ranging in size from hippo to blue duiker. We knew which safari company to put him with – an outfitter we have worked with for 13 years who could handle all this and would personally guide him for the entire safari.Red Duiker

Dennis booked his own mileage air ticket but from the time he landed until he departed we took care of everything else. He would be met by a representative of the firearms handling service which for seven years has flawlessly handled both the import and export of all our client’s firearms in South Africa. He would then be met by our outfitter to start the hunt. At least that was how it was supposed to happen. Three days before his arrival the outfitter was run over by another client’s wounded wildebeest and suffered a broken arm! Not to worry, a few phone calls later confirmed that the hunt was still on and would be conducted by the outfitter’s #1 professional hunter. The outfitter himself would join the group later. At the end of the 16 days Dennis had taken 13 of the 14 animals he sought plus two additional species – outstanding results. The only animal he didn’t obtain was the suni, a small pygmy antelope species.

No question, this was a difficult and unique hunt to begin with – 14 species in a short time frame. Suddenly mix in an outfitter with a broken arm and it could have gone badly. Working with experienced professionals proved very advantageous for Dennis. Wild World Adventures can do the same for you.

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