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Where to Find Your Mountain Lion

Since the dawn of time man has had a fascination with the big cats. The saber-tooth tiger was probably one of the most ferocious beasts to ever walk our planet. The tiger of today can be just as bad tempered as his prehistoric predecessors but his numbers are greatly diminished from his heyday. The African […]

The Moose of Canada

Over the last several blogs I’ve covered the largest moose (Alaska-Yukon) and the smallest moose (Shiras, predominately in the US). However, the MOST moose reside in Canada and that’s today’s topic. The two major record-keeping organizations differ as to what resides where in Canada. Safari Club International (SCI) holds that there are two sub-species: eastern […]

The Shiras? He’s North America’s Smallest Moose

According to theory, the further south the territory of an antlered species extends the smaller the antlers become. No question that there will be exceptions to the theory (check out the humongous racks on some of the mule deer of Sonora, Mexico) but generally this holds true. This is certainly the case with the moose […]

Where Do I Find the Biggest Moose?

The largest sub-species of moose, Alces alces gigas, are the Alaska-Yukon moose. They are recognized by both of the major North American record keeping organizations (Safari Club International and Boone & Crockett Club) as coming from Alaska, the Yukon and the Mackenzie Mountains of the western Northwest Territories. These are truly the biggest of all […]

Where Should Your Moose Hunting Trip Be?

The moose is the largest member of the deer family and resides in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere. He has been portrayed as stupid, awkward, blind and about the easiest thing to hunt on four legs. While his legs may be way too long for his body and he lacks the regal appearance […]