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Hunting Show Season Now Open!

The holidays are over, winter has made its presence felt, the last of the hunting seasons will soon be over. The only thing to do now is waiting for the doldrums to set in. But, wait! What are those circled dates on the calendar? What’s this feeling of anticipation and excitement? It can only mean […]

What Do You Mean – A Game Law Violation?

You hang your head dejectedly as the game warden finishes filling out your citation. Your dream hunt is ending in disaster as you sign the line at the bottom of the page and he tears out your copy and hands it to you. How did this happen? You didn’t know there even was such a […]

It Isn’t Getting Any Easier

Traveling with firearms wasn’t always a difficult task. In the time period before the first skyjacking it was commonplace for a traveler to keep any firearm in a storage compartment just behind the cockpit. Boy, were those the days of innocence! Now comes word that traveling with certain non-firearm hunting tools is strictly forbidden by […]

Why Can’t I Shoot Well?

For most American males, it’s a commonly held belief that we are all inherently great shooters. Why, all of us are descended from Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, aren’t we? We should be able to stand on our own two feet and shoot the eye out of a fly at 300 yards. While riding horseback […]

Weren’t You Scared?

Many non-hunters are under the impression that hunting involves all sorts of hair-raising experiences and that a hunter confronts death on an hourly basis (actually, it’s only 3-4 times a day!). Seriously, that’s our topic for today’s blog – what were your fears when you faced that Cape buffalo, brown bear or whatever else threatened […]

The Rowland Ward Scoring System? Hello OLD Chap!

Rowland Ward was a London-based taxidermist who became known world-wide for his taxidermy work, his publishing of some of the all-time greatest sporting literature and creating the first widely accepted scoring system for big game animals. That he was an Englishman at the height of the Victorian era and empire building certainly didn’t hurt his […]

The Boone & Crockett Club Scoring System

The Boone & Crockett Club scoring system is the oldest in North America and covers most of the big game species indigenous to the continent (exceptions would be bobcat, peccaries [javelina], brocket deer and alligators). Their first record book came out in 1932 and as time and interest in record-keeping has increased, they publish a […]

Safari Club International Scoring System

The Safari Club International (SCI) scoring system covers all of the legally hunted game animals in the world. It also covers those animals which, although not now huntable, were taken when that species could be legally hunted – a good example would be two of the big cats: tiger and jaguar. One of the most […]

Scoring System Boundaries

I’m going to begin this, the first of several articles on the various scoring systems and record keeping organizations, by giving you a little background on me. I was very fortunate to serve for three years as one of the seven sub-chairs, my area being the South Pacific, on the Safari Club International Record Book […]

What Does It Score?

You’ve had a super hunt, a true “experience of a lifetime” and you know that the animal you’ve just taken is absolutely huge for its species. You take your photos, pack the animal onto the horse or vehicle and head back to camp or home. Once there, word quickly spreads that you’ve taken a BIG […]