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Nimrod in Africa

The first-time African hunter almost always has a myriad of questions regarding his initial safari but the most prominent ones are usually: where do I go? what am I going to hunt? and which outfit do I hunt with? Time, money, physical ability and many other factors will go into determining those answers but I […]

The Crocodile Pays His Own Way

You’ll easily run out of fingers and toes if you start counting up all the critters that can put an end to your listing as a living, breathing human being. There are microbes, insects, reptiles and mammals that can all, some slowly – some quite promptly, cash your chips in for you. In Africa, one […]

The Curious Case of the Cheetah

The African cheetah is truly a different cat. As one of Africa’s big cats (along with the lion and leopard) he is in a class by himself when it comes to speed, spots and CITES. He’s long and lean, he has a dog-shaped head, also like a dog he has non-retractile claws, he has spots […]

Who’s Watching the Watchdogs?

For the last several years the poaching of rhino in South Africa has been on an alarming rise. So far this year there have already been over 200 incidents and that is on top of the 100+ that took place in 2009. That now may, hopefully, have come to a stop. Last week South African […]

Life on Safari

You haven’t even begun to adjust to the jet lag so you’re lying there awake in the pre-dawn in a strange bed, in a strange camp and in a strange country. You’ve never hunted here in Africa and you’re wondering what is going to happen today, what are we going to do, which animals are […]

Your African Professional Hunter

Your first African safari usually begins with more than a little hesitation and trepidation. You’ve completed a long journey to a continent and country with which you have no familiarity. It’s possible you won’t speak the local language and will be able to converse with only one person. You’ve filled out the immigration paperwork and […]

First Safari, African Memories…

C.J. McElroy was a well known big game hunter and Weatherby Award recipient who founded Safari Club International. But one of the things I will remember best about him is his statement about one’s initial trip to Africa. He said that while he knew royalty, heads of state and business barons, he envied none of […]

Bullets for African Animals

The choice of which bullets to use on African animals is quite easy – use the best bullets money can buy! A client and his professional hunter can do everything right: they’ve made a good stalk, the wind is in their favor, the animal of intent hasn’t a clue as to their existence, they’re in […]

Cartridges for African Dangerous Game, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the series on African cartridges. In this blog I’ll cover the big boys: those calibers and cartridges designed to halt or turn heavy boned, thick skinned, dangerous game animals before they reach and harm the hunter. I know there are a lot of hunters who consider the .375 H&H magnum […]

Cartridges for African Plains Game, Part 1

The question of which cartridges to use in Africa has long been debated and as long as there are opinions, it will continue to be discussed! In this blog I’ll be more specific than I was in my blog of a couple of weeks ago regarding rifles. I’ll talk about plains game cartridges, in this, […]